AS-Eye measures/analysis of real-time air quality, displays air quality information (air quality comprehensive index, virus risk index) screens, AS-Puri, AS-Vent device control, and sends information to AS-Cloud.

Life-threatening indoor air quality

In the COVID-19 era, modern people live about 85% of the day in indoor spaces. However, air pollution in indoor spaces that we do not recognize causes various allergies, lung diseases, and virus infections, which are becoming a serious social problem.

11 in 1 Sytem

AS-Eye, which applied an ultra-sensitive sensor, measures and analyzes 9 types of substances (PM 0.1, 0.3, 0.5, 1.0, 2.5, 10, CO2, CO, TVOC) and temperature/humidity. Based on the outcome of the analysis, AS-Eye displays IAQ and Virus Risk Index on the screen which can help improve a cleaner and safer indoor environment.

Air Quality Notification

Data created by AS-Eye in real time are transmitted to the app or cloud, allowing users to check indoor air quality remotely. Since indoor air quality can be checked on-site or remotely, it can help reduce energy consumption and improve the environment by properly operating products or actively managing air quality through active responses such as ventilation.

Flexible Scalability

AS-Eye combines plasma sterilization products (AS-Puri) and exhaust FAN products (AS-Vent) for unlimited interworking. The more such devices there are, the faster the indoor air quality can be automatically improved.

AS Eye
  • • 10" Touch Screen Display Application
  • • PM (0.1, 0.3, 0.5, 1.0, 2.5, 10) measurement
  • • CO2, CO, TVOC, temperature and humidity measurement
  • • Displaying virus risk and Indoor Air Quality(IAQ)
  • • RS 485, Relay, Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • • 308 X 206 X 68 mm, 1.5Kg


  • A living space for infants, the elderly and pets
Public facility
  • Food, lodging, PC room, sports facilities, karaoke, etc.
Educational facilities
  • Daycare center, kindergarten, elementary, middle, high school, etc
Hospital facilities
  • Hospitals, nursing hospitals, nursing facilities, etc
Government, local governments and public institutions
  • Government buildings, sports, elderly people, libraries, health, conference halls, etc
Military and industrial facilities
  • Finance, department stores, food, manufacturing, warehouses, theaters and performance halls, ammunition storage, interior class, etc
Transportation facilities
  • National railways, subways, buses, vans, ships, etc
  • Smart City, Innovation Park, and Urban Convergence Special Zone Facilities