Smart Plasma Sterilizer

is a smart plasma sterilizer (personal type) that cleans and sterilizes about 33m2 of space inside the room, and it is small and light, so anyone can use it safely anywhere. In particular, it protects people from viruses by forming plasma ion membranes up to a radius of 1.5m.

Powerful hybrid Sterilization Technology

250-280nm ultraviolet from UV-C LED destroys viral DNA. AS-M generates 1.6billion bipolar ions in 1cm3 and the ions sterilizate viruses and bacteria.

eAQ1000 Module installed

>eAQ-1000 is the latest environmental monitoring product developed by the company, equipped with a number of high-performance sensors that can detect temperature and humidity, PM2.5, CO2, CO, and VOC, and UART and RS485 are applied for interworking with external interfaces. This product has been improved to provide more stable performance in high temperature and humidity environments, while also significantly improving accuracy, reaction time, and measurement range.

Powerful fan and compact size

Clean and sterilize an area of 33㎡ with a powerful 41.6CFM fan but compact size. It also immediately cleans air within a 1.5m radius of equipment in seconds.

Indoor Air Quality Information Service

It provides reliable indoor air quality information services through Web/App by transmitting air quality measurement information to cloud servers through WiFi and big data analysis.

LED display to check indoor air quality status

You can check the level of each item and the concentration of fine dust with the LED on the front of the product at the site. (PM2.5 (color display), CO2, TVOC, temperature/humidity

6 kinds of air sensors are installed

Six air quality measurement sensors (PM2.5, TVOC, CO2, CO, temperature/humidity) for air quality measurement allow you to check indoor air quality levels in real time.

Key Features

Small and Portable

Portable Plasma Air Cleaning Sterilizer with small size but powerful virus Sterilization

Plasma Sterilization

Application of proven bipolar plasma sterilization technology. It generates 1.2 billion H+ and OH- ions per 1㎤ to quickly sterilize viruses within the 1.5m range around the equipment to make the surroundings comfortable and safe

Virus Risk Alarm

Analyze the air quality measurement sensor information inside the product and alarm the virus risk in real time

Automatic/manual fan adjustment with low noise

The FAN speed of the product can be adjusted in four stages by itself/manually, so it can be used without noise when sleeping (1st stage: sleep mode to 4th stage: turbo mode)

Monitoring the equipment with your smartphone

Check your smartphone for air quality and virus risk information on your device

USB-C Type

USB-C type smartphone adapter available. Use the auxiliary battery for more than 3 hours when using 10,000mAh



Public facility

Educational facilities




Smart plasma sterilizer (personal type)

Hybrid Sterilization

Up to 1.2 billion Plasma Bipolar ions and UV-C LED


PM2.5, CO2, CO, VOC, Temp/Humidity & Virus Risk Index




WiFi, Bluetooth


-Color : PM2.5 (B:Good, Y:Normal, R:Bad)
-Figure : CO2, VOC, RH, TEMP




Up to 41.6 CFM, auto/manual (4 tiers)

Power consumption

< 15W




122 x 122 x 206mm, < 960g